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Not So Much A Hiatus As A Yawning Chasm.
September 25, 2009, 11:55 pm
Filed under: Football


Fredorrarci over at the excellent Sport Is a TV Show apologised yesterday and described his blog as “tumbleweed-friendly”. He’d been absent for 7 days. So going by that, in recent times Studs Up has definitely been an area in which evapotranspiration outweighs precipitation (look it up). I could list my excuses, but they’re not terribly interesting. So instead, here are some links to kick things off again.

Elliot Tucker‘s contributions to The Run Of Play have often been documented here on Studs Up in light of their bizarre blend of the surreal and the amusing that is almost unique in terms of football writing. Samuel L Jackson once starred in a film that loosely referred to events inside Anfield, but Tucker’s Premiership Fiction seems much closer to the sort of thing we’d get if Quentin Tarantino directed a Premier League season:

But guess what, there’s more. Tucker has his own blog called Futfanatico, and it’s even weirder. Having read his imaginary interview with Brazilian Interfaith novelist Paulo Coelho on the current fortunes of Liverpool FC, I think he may have taken football-related writing to new levels of peculiarity. But why Elliot, why?


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