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It’s Here!
August 15, 2009, 10:22 am
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Not much more than an hour to go. So, time for a quick “season-preview”? Well, not in my case.

Anyone who cares about football and is on top of their online game will already have read at least half a dozen season-previews already. From the BBC to the broadsheets, the nation’s best football writers and most respected former professionals have been busy compiling extensive analyses of each club’s summer transfer market activities, with a view to predicting who will finish where. The upshot? Lots of conflicting opinions that would appear to show that for all the collective wisdom the country’s media has to fire at football, nobody has much of a clue at this stage. For example, the BBC‘s Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty reckons Liverpool will win the league… whilst The Times‘ Chief Football Commentator (I’m not sure exactly what the difference between a writer and a commentator is in this context, but I’m sure it’s crucial) Patrick Barclay reckons they have no chance at all.

So all I’ll say is “we’ll see”, and leave you with this outstanding offering from newly-discovered (on my part) blog Sport is a TV Show. I reckon it’s the most worthwhile season preview I’ve seen:


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the season has begun geoffrey….no posts?

Comment by rich

I know mate, sorry!

Basically, I’m struggling to even think about football because Liverpool’s start has been so bad. But the bigger reason for the lack of activity is that I recently discovered a much bigger Studs-Up elsewhere, and have therefore decided to discontinue mine and start a new one.

In the meantime, I don’t really want to waste any further time establishing this blog, since it’s soon to be discontinued.

Comment by GW

let me know when the new one is ready…

Comment by rich

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